About b.alive!

As a true foodie and lover of culinary arts and the pleasures of eating I founded this company with the aim to bring one and only one message to everyone out there: You do not have to miss out on anything eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a slim and lean body and stay young. But instead you can indulge in beautiful tasty food and still feel great everyday and nurture your body with all it needs to b.alive! 


b.alive! is not just the name of a company, it's a lifestyle, a choice you can influence on a daily basis by the foods you eat.

I founded this company with the mission to reach as many people as possible to make them experience the same benefits and culinary pleasures that I experience daily, eating this plant based diet high in living foods so that they can also feel the essence of what it brings to you


The Feeling to b.alive! 


By eating the plant based cuisine I offer, you can experience a total transition in your body and mind and come to a state, where you will feel exactly like this every single day: b.alive! 


Boris Lauser (me) CEO and founder of b.alive!, has trained at the world's most renowned schools for raw food, including the Tree of Life and the Matthew Kenney Academy in the United States. 


From Berlin to Bali, Thailand, the U.S., Austria and all across Europe b.alive! is as international as it can get. With a vast network of friends all over the world, we do our very best to to bring our great culinary creations, raw food spirit and good vibes to as many corners of the planet as possible.


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