The Best Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in LA


For many years the average vegetarian couldn’t go out with friends and enjoy a good meal on a Saturdaynight without being forced to order a “veggie-burger” reminiscent of packing material more than it wasfood. We had to become master chefs and experimental alchemists in the kitchen or starve because evensomething as simple as a calling out for a pizza delivery offered nooptions. Happily, many of the alchemists have now branched out into the world of business and madeavailable their best concoctions for the rest of us.

Before I start listing the best places I’vefound in LA, I want to remind you thatthese are just vegetarian friendly andsome may not be meat free. As alifestyle vegetarian or vegan, make sureto check out the menus before-hand andavoid possibly unappetizing surprises.

Firstly we have Elf Café with aninteresting assortment of dishes basedaround Mediterranean flavors. Theirdishes offer an interesting variety withsome unique takes on older styles.There are a lot of vegan options andeven more plates that are listed asadaptable.

Shojin is the place to go for vegan sushi. I have never even seen another restaurant that does sucha good job with creating interesting and exciting flavor profiles in the form of vegan sushi. While theexperience will be reminiscent of eating traditional rolls, this is something truly unique that I think standsalone.

Lastly, we have Purgatory Pizza. This is the right place to go for a proper vegan pizza delivery in thecity of LA. Their calzones are to die for and the pizzas are top notch. This is a great place to take non-vegetarian friends who you want to share a slice with as they have some rocking carnivore optionsalongside their vegan offerings. Whenever I’m throwing a get together and someone mentions calling outfor a pizza delivery, I’m already punching in the number and promising that everyone will love it. I’m neverwrong.