Personal Coaching in Raw Food Preparation and Nutrition

As a Spiritual Life Food Instructor, I am offering personal coaching in the preparation of gourmet raw foods customized to your personal needs. I can coach you on an hourly basis as well as full consecutive days. Due to my profound training at Dr. Gabriel Cousins Tree of Life, the worlds leading center in raw food education and research, I can guide you in the preparation of raw foods for specific medical conditions, especially diabetes, candida and other diseases related to sugar consumption:

b.alive Coaching: Treating Diseases with Raw Food

Gourmet Meal Suitable for Diabetes Condition
Gourmet Meal Suitable for Diabetes Condition

As a certified Spiritual Life Food Instructor from The Tree of Life, I am trained to prepare gourmet raw foods that, according to Dr. Gabriel Cousins, can actually help cure diseases like diabetes, candida and other medical conditions feeding of sugars and a high glycemic diet. On the basis of Gabriel Cousins Phase Chart, which classifies food into Phase 1 and Phase 2 foods based on their impact on blood sugar, I can teach you how to create low glycemic gourmet raw food meals that fully satisfy your personal taste and meet your medical conditions. Phase 1 foods form the base of a life sustaining and rejuvenating diet and have the potential to cure diabetes and get people off insulin as stated in the book "There is a cure for diabetes". Download the lastes version of the phase chart here.

b.creative Coaching: The art of gourmet raw food

As a gourmet raw culinary artist, I can teach you the secrets of creating the most tasting raw gourmet meals that will never make you miss cooked foods again. Many ways are possible: You can come and join me in my kitchen, I can coach you at your house or any location you prefer.

Rates for raw food coaching


Coaching on an hourly basis: 90 € / hour

Coaching on a daily basis: 600 € / day


Coaching includes the preparation, recipes and tastings of all the food prepared during the coaching session. 


For questions and requests, please contact me via the contact form of this website.