b.alive! fine chocolates


Made from the best ingredients, these extraordinary, hand-made fine chocolate hearts are available in three different special flavors:

  • Rose and Pink Pepper Hearts
  • Lapsang Suchong (Smoked Tea)
  • Cacao Nib

Base Ingredients: Raw Cacao Liquor, Raw Cacao Butter, Coconut Palm Sugar, Vanilla, Pink Himalaya Salt

Preis variiert nach Größe der Tafel (zw. 40 und 65g)

4,50 € / 50g



This is my version of Nutella. Forget about all the unhealthy fats, processed sugars, food additives, conserving agents, milk powders and aromas you find in the famous commercial version. Taste this one and you will never want to have the "real" stuff again. Only 5 simple pure ingredients:


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Agave, Hazelnuts, Raw Chocolate, Pink Himalaya Salt

6,5 € / 125g jar

23,50 € / 450 g jar 

b.loved chocolate treats


These truffles are all handmade from purest and finest organic ingredients, like raw cacao and energizing power foods like maca root, goji berries and bee pollen. Only natural sweeteners, like agave sirup and raw honey are used to sweeten these healthy and delicious treats. Three varieties are available at the moment: 


Current Flavors:

  • Chocolate filled with Yacon Pecan Caramel
  • Chocolate filled with Green Tea and Orange
  • Chocolate filled with Maca Goji Coconut


Green Tea Zesty Orange Truffles

Cashew Nuts, Cacao Butter, Macha Green Tea Powder, Orange Blossom Honey, Orange Zest, Pink Himalaya Salt, Love

Rose Water Bliss Balls

Almonds, Raw Cacao, Dates, Agave, Coconut Oil, Rose Water, Pink Himalaya Salt

b.alive! superhero Crunch

Cashew Nuts, Raw Cacao Nibs, Raw Cacao Powder, Raw Honey, Coconut Oil, Agave, Goji Berries, Bee Pollen, Shelled Hemp Seeds, Vanilla, Maca, Nutmeg, Cayenne Pepper, Pink Himalaya Salt

       14 € /  100g


Healthy protein super meal


This product contains 35 amazing organic sources and is the healthiest protein rich fast food ever. Add it to smoothies or have it as a mono super meal by just stirring it in some water or nutmilk and flavor it to taste. 


Nutritional content per 46g (4 spoons): 20 g protein, 9 g essential fatty acids, 13 g carbohydrates (of which 9 g are fibres)


Ingredients: fermented rice protein, flax seed sprouts, brokkoli sprouts, wheat grass, amaranth sprouts, chickpea sprouts, sunflower sprouts, chlorella, dark buckwheat, cordyceps, shitake, quinoa sprouts, barley grass, maca, millet sprouts, kelp, dulse, kale and much more


45,- € / 462g

you can order them via my webshop here or you can also:

Order directly >HERE< for only 41,27 € (in English)

Zur Bestellung >HIER< für nur 41,27 € (auf Deutsch)

Bali Vanilla Beans


These Vanilla beans are unlike anything else you can get in normal health food stores. They are bigger, super soft and moist and full of aroma and flavor. Add them to your favorite smootie or dessert and enjoy the divine flaovor of Bali.


1,20,- € per piece

(minimum 5 pieces per order)

Special Offer: 20 for 20,- € 

Lucuma Confetti Crème


This crunchy spread is full of energy, good and healthy fats and is delicious on any bread (raw and not raw alike), on fresh fruit, blended in smooties or just plain on a spoon.


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Honey, Lucuma, Goji Berries, Raw Cacao Nibs, Pecan Nuts, Coconut Flakes, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Pink Himalaya Salt

7,50 € / 125g jar

Balinese Irish Moss


Irish Moss is a seaweed and the secret in making gourmet raw food dishes that stand out. With the help of a highspeed blender, you can make natural gelatine paste that serve as the base for delicious dessert creams, mousses, nut cheeses and make smoothies rich and creamy. Irish Moss is full of minerals and supports lung functionality. It's great even just soaked and added to any salad.


  7 € / 150 g

22 € / 500 g

40 € / 1kg