Cookies Cream


This is my favorite vegetarian (NOT vegan) restaurant in town. The chefs are highly innovative, always seasonal changing menu and their focus is on vegetables and serious food with good ingredients, no soy or want to be meat dishes, but innovative creations with vegetables. Definitely a must place to go if you like fine vegetarian dining at very affordable prices! 

Lucky Leek


Der neue Stern am veganen Berliner Himmel. In diesem kleinen aber feinen Restaurant isst man in einfacher Athmosphäre sehr ausgefallene und besondes leckere und innovative vegane Gerichte. Die Spinatknödel mit Vanilletomaten sind sehr zu empfehlen. Ausserdem wird immer wieder die Karte an saisonale Gemüse angepasst. Ein absolutes Muss für jeden, der noch nicht weiss, was man mit veganer Küche alles zaubern kann!


Vegan bar and restaurant


This place is only a few steps away from the famous Landwehr canal on a quiet alley lined with huge green trees that give shade to the beautiful beer garden, where you can enjoy some nice cooling organic lemonades, fresh smoothies and beers. For the hungry, they have a small and simple but very delicious all vegan menu with some healthy salads, funky risottos or their homemade gnocchi with meditarranean vegetables that not even my grandma could make better. Only minus, service can be a bit rough at times.

Café Botanico

Urban Garden & Café


This is one of the hidden gems that are almost too good to be true. From the street almost not visible, you enter the door to what first looks like a normal Berlin retro café. But once you exit again through the backyard door, you enter Alice's Wonderland: A tremendous permaculture backyard garden that grows everything you may desire. And the best, you can order beautiful Italian food prepared with all the goodies from the garden: A Wild Herb salad with about 30 different wild herbs, Wild herb risotto with true Italian Pecorino, Herbal Garden Teas and much more. You'll forget about time and everything in this place. 



The world's first vegan supermarket boasting also a big raw food section and delicous raw cakes, as well as a great Sunday brunch. 

Meta Mate Bar


Mate in all varieties, mixed with raw chocolate, their own raw mate maya chocolate bar, some raw food goodies and even artisanal mate beer! This is the place for mate , the ONLY one :-)