Dinner Club Berlin


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31st May 



15 August



My Studio Loft, Berlin Mitte


(for example menus, please check the past dinners listed in the subsection of this page)


In the intimate settings of my stylish studio loft and sometimes external pop up locations, I hosts exclusive gourmet vegan raw food dinners for up to 15 people.


A typical dinner consists of 5-6 courses that are all strictly home-made from only purest organic, vegan, raw ingredients mainly shopped from local farmers markets or even foraged.


Every dinner is different, usually evolving around a country or a regional theme creating fusions of traditional dishes or reinventing the wheel and creating the unexpected new keeping always focus on local and seasonal ingredients.


Expected Donation:

99,- Euros (including welcome drink and energized water)

50,- Euros (wine pairing with all natural wines)


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