Sources in Germany



Big German raw food online store, selling many raw products like crackers, breads, seasoned nuts and seeds, chocolates and more, as well as raw ingredients and equipment. Their main production is in the Check Republic.




Keimling is Germany's biggest raw food online store, selling all equipment necessary for a raw food kitchen as well as a wide selection of organic raw ingredients and products. 

PureRaw - Rohkost Erleben


German online store with a good variety of exotic raw food ingredients and super foods like Maca, Lucuma, Irish Moss, Coconut Oil, etc.

Kulau - get cocaddicted


I am using only extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil for my desserts and other creations. Kulau, a young Berlin based company, offers the best available coconut oil in Germany. Besides coconnut oil, they have the best packed coconut water you can get (100% and REALLY NO additional flavors added, which is not the case with other coconut waters on the market).

Superfood For You

German Online store with many super food options, seaweeds, supplements, nuts and seeds as well as cacao.

Terra Elements


Online Shop from Munich selling superfoods as well as sustainable organic cosmetic products and books.


Tropical Fruit from Thailand and Sri Lanke

Regiotopia - Local Products around Berlin

Sources in Great Britain

British Online Shop in Brighton, offering a large variety of high quality products, including ready made raw cakes and sweet and savory treats. Run by Chris and Kate, who live in Brighton.

Sources in the United States

  Vivapura is a warehouse store in Patagonia, Arizona, where I studied raw foods at the Tree of Life. They have a fantastic webstore with some of the best raw products on the planet, amongst which their amazing bee pollen, vanilla and their flavored amazingly creamy coconut butters.