Boris Lauser

Boris Lauser is a Raw Food & Plant Based Chef from Berlin, Germany. 

Boris loves food, flavors and traveling the world to explore the traditional cuisines and their spices and aromas. 


Boris has traveled the world and for the last years, he has been responsible for the Plant Based Menu at Vikasa Yoga Resort on Koh Samui, Thailand, in his position as Creative Chef. 


In Germany, Boris runs his own raw chef academy, a 6-day certified intensive course, and is co-founder of the Plant Based Institute, a 4-week intensive training to become a Plant Based Chef & Nutritionist. 


Boris has published one of the most complete books on raw food,

'Go Raw Be Alive' and recently also creates online courses, for example his latest courses The Fermentation Masterclass and The Raw Food Masterclass.


As a trainer and gastro coach, Boris has influenced several chefs in restaurants and hotels with his approach to plant based food and you can also experience his art of food during many live cooking shows on expos and other public events.  



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Kurse in Deutschland 




Raw Chef Akademie

(6-Tages Intensiv Workshop)  


 Termine 2024



17. - 22. September (Berlin, Level 1)



Upcoming Retreats


Bulgaria (Slow Food & Hiking)

18th  - 27th August 2024 


Vitox Retreat Thailand

23.-29. March 2025



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