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Go Raw Be Alive!

Hard Cover


Meine schönsten Rezepte und mehr als 110 Farbbilder erwarten euch auf 160 Seiten. Eine gute theoretische Einleitung und viele praktische Tipps aus meiner langjährigen Erfahrung als Raw Food Chef lassen keine Fragen mehr offen. Endlich ein Buch, was wirklich alles wichtige gut erklärt und mit vielen leckeren Rezepten Raw Food für den Alltag tauglich und für jedermann zugänglich macht. 


This book has become a standard in raw food cooking. 

30+ pages  theory background with in depth explanations. 

More than 80 recipes from easy day to day recipes to more refined to delicious and healthy desserts like mousse au chocolat, fermented cheesecakes, cupcakes and even quick soft ice creams. 


19,99 €

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b.alive! everyday gourmet recipe e-book


This updated latest version of my raw food recipe e-book contains a great selection of my most favorite recipes:

  • Beautiful breakfast dishes like raw granola, maca and chocolate chia pudding, joghurt, almond cinnamon bread and coconut honey butter
  • Nutmilks, creamy smoothies as well as chocolate and super food/herb elixirs
  • Green Smoothies
  • Lasagne
  • Burgers and kohlrabi fries with goji ketchup, mayo, mustard
  • Phad thai and crunchy ginger almonds
  • Zucchini spaghetti with 3 types of sauces
  • fresh handrolls with almond ginger dipping sauce and mango chutney
  • Sprouted quinoa pizza with marinated mushrooms, pesto and candied onions
  • Romaine Leaf Tacos with better than beef, guacamole, salsa and smokey chocolate mole sauce
  • 10 different amazing salad dressings
  • Various Raw Breads and Crackers
  • Fermented Cashew Cream Cheese
  • My signature Dish: Red Beet Hazelnut Soup with Carrot Coriander Flan and Jerusalem Artichoke Chips for the advanced gourmet
  • Tiramisu and Orange Chocolate Cheesecake

!Available in English Language ONLY!

Es gibt eine Deutsche Version auf Anfrage, die nicht ganz so schönes Layout hat, aber die Rezepte sind drin :-)


16,50 EUR

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Vitamix all models, dehydrators and more 

The Vitamix is the ultimate tool for all your raw food preparation. From smoothies to nut patés, creamy soups, nut butters, decadent dessert creams, fluffy mousses to fun salad dressings and vegetable chopping. The Vitamix does it all. With 2 horse powers, the Vitamix is one of the strongest blenders on the market! Even avocado pits or other hard fruit pits are no problem for this wonder blender!


7 years of warranty

colors: red, black, white




(dehydrators, juicers, spiralizers, sprouting kits, mandoline, etc.)

I offer 10% discount on all tools from Keimling

Ich biete 10% Discount auf alle Geräte aus dem Keimling Sortiment.


For order and inquiries, please email me.

Für Bestellungen und Fragen, schreibt mir eine Nachricht.


Water Filter and Revitalization System



I have researched and asked for opinions for a long time and was therefore undecided and hesitated to buy a water filtration system. Now, I finally found one, I am extremely happy with. Leogant is a Berlin based company that put the best available technologies together to build water revitalization systems that provide you with water that is as close to natural spring water as it can get. Leogant has spent years of continuous research and continuously study the effects and quality of the water produced with their systems. It's one of the only companies that actually scientifically backs up their claims. There are many possible systems. This one shown here is the one I have installed and has a strong carbon filter to filter all unwanted residues in the water first before leading it through the heart of the system: the hand-made gold ball, in which the water is revitalized by creating vortexes and leading them past crystals and the 24 karat gold. 

Leogant Avaio Gold: 780,- €

(10% discount for b.alive! customers, i.e. save more than 70,- €)

(under table models and many more are available, 

please ask me for details if you are interested)

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixirs


Four Sigmatic Elixirs are made of pure natural ingredients: mainly dually extracted medicinal mushrooms. They are vegan and contain no common allergens like soy, gluten or lactose. The carefully chosen ingredients have synergistic benefits and thus they pack a punch without any harmful additives. You can learn all about medicinal mushrooms and their incredible benefits following a 3 hour online course here

They are currently available in 4 exciting mixes that serve different purposes. 


Trying them for the first time? 

Order all 4 and get more than 10% discount on the total


only 130,- € for the first time value box with all 4 varieties

Lion's Mane Mushroom Elixir Mix

Lion’s Mane
 is the best friend of anyone who wants to maintain healthy brains and strong nerves throughout life. A great number of scientific studies have shown the effect of lion’s mane to stimulate the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) production in the human body. NGF is the key factor of neural health and it is believed to play an important role in the prevention of various brain and nervous system related diseases as well as some psychiatric disorders.



Top 3 Benefits of Lion’s mane
1. Protect the nervous system
2. Boost the cognitive ability
3. Improve memory

How to use
Take a one-eighty by changing soda to the sweet Instant Brain Power beverage. Mix it with a bottle of cold water, shake it and drink it wherever you are. It can be used as a sweetener in cooking too.


35,- € / box (20 individually portioned  bags)


Cordyceps Mushroom Elixir

 has some exciting properties for anyone who desires to improve his/her performance. Triathletes have been using cordyceps already for decades. Many scientific researches have shown that cordyceps can increase your maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max) anything between 9-15%. Oxygen is the most important element for your body. By using cordyceps you will improve almost every aspect of your life from being more energetic to doing exceptional performances in sports, at work and at home.

Top 3 Benefits of Cordyceps
1. Boost Energy Levels
2. Speed up recovery
3. Improve sexual performance

How to use
Take a sachet or two of cordyceps mushroom elixir beverage before, and/or after your exercise. You can drink it with water or mix it with your high quality sports drink or any smoothie. The more you drink, the greater the benefits.


35,- € / box (20 individually portioned bags)


Chaga Mushroom Elixir

 is a vital part of “pathogen-proof” immune system. Chaga contains one of the nature’s highest amounts of SOD, the most potent antioxidant in human body. It is proven to increase 300% of NK Cell activity, which is a major component of the innate immune system. Studies have shown that chaga is effective way to fight against bacteria, viruses, and inflammation diseases. Chaga has also shown to have anti-tumor properties.


Top 3 Benefits of Chaga
1. Boost the immune system
2. Fight against pathogens
3. Extremely strong antioxidant

How to use
Replace your daily cup(s) of coffee and tea with a chaga mushroom elixir. Use as a condiment in sweet and semi-sweet meals, and boost your smoothies with it. One cup of chaga may keep a few flus a year away.


35,- € / box (20 individually portioned bags)


Reishi Mushroom Elixir
Reishi mushroom 
is an ultimate anti-stress antidote of the nature. As an intelligent mushroom, reishi may balance overdriven hormone system and improve your sleep quality. As an adaptogen reishi may help your body to fight against stress caused by demanding modern society. Scientific research has shown that reishi improves cardiovascular system by lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol and blood pressure, and by improving blood circulation.

Top 3 Benefits of Reishi
1. Reduce stress
2. Improve sleep quality
3. Improve blood circulation

How to use
Take one portion bag any time of the day. Mix it with hot water to make a sweet, tea-like, drink or try to mix it into soups, yoghurts, smoothies etc.
35,- € / box (20 individually portioned bags)




Mushroom Mocha Mix

with Chaga, Coffee & Cacao


For all coffee and chocolate lovers like me, this is the perfect combination.Highest quality instant coffee, combined with immunity booster chaga and raw cacao powder. Pure energy and superior taste in a bag, perfect for traveling so you can enjoy your delicious mocha just about everywhere. You can simply dissolve it in a cup of hot water or even shake it up with some cold water and ice cubes for an instant iced coffee experience. 


20,- € / box (10 individually portioned bags)


Mushroom Coffee

with Lion's Mane and Chaga


For all coffee lovers, this is the ultimate combination. Highest quality instant coffee, combined with immunity booster chaga and the brain power mushroom Lion's Mane. This combination will boost your productivity to the max without creating the jitters. Mind clarity and energy in a bag. Perfect for traveling. You can simply dissolve it in a cup of hot water or even shake it up with some cold water and ice cubes for an instant iced coffee experience. 


15,- € / box (10  individually portioned  bags)


Mushroom Coffee

with Cordyceps and Chaga


For all coffee lovers, this is the ultimate combination. Highest quality instant coffee, combined with immunity booster chaga and the performance mushroom Cordyceps. This combination will boost your energy level to the max without creating the jitters. High performance and energy in a bag. Perfect for traveling. You can simply dissolve it in a cup of hot water or even shake it up with some cold water and ice cubes for an instant iced coffee experience. Or blend it with nutmilks or into smoothies. 


15,- € / box (10 individually portioned bags)


Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix

with Cordyceps


Raw Cacao, mixed with high quality dual extracted pure cordyceps and a hint of chili to give it this extra zing, sweetened only with coconut palm sugar. This mix is your ultimate power blend, raising your energy without any side effects, and it's so tasty. Just mix it with hot water or plant based milk or add it to your smoothie or breakfast bowl. 


20,- € / box (10 individually portioned bags)


Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix

with Reishi


Raw Cacao, mixed with high quality dual extracted pure reishi, one of the most relaxing and most adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms. Perfect for your warm evening chocolate treat, since the reishi will counteract any possible energizing effects of raw cacao and calm you down and help you sleep relaxed and soundly. 

Just mix it with hot water or plant based milk of your choice. 


20,- € / box (10  individually portioned bags)


Best of Greens

von Platinum Health Europe


this is one of the best green powders I have ever come across. It's a highest quality blend of selsct vegetables, greens and herbs like chorella, spirulina, kamut grass, barley grass, sprouts, dandelion and more. All the ingredients are grown in the best way possible and the plants show high levels of phytonutrients that support your digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems. I love it in my green smoothies, plain coconut water, or also just plain water. 

Best of Greens from Platinum Health is made from carefully dried greens (below 40°C). Ideal for raw foodists especially in the winter.


Ingredients: Wheatgrass Juice Powder (Kamut) 22,2%, Alfalfa powder 13,3%,Barleygrass powder 13,3%,Oatgrass powser 13,3%, Spirulina 6,6%, Cracked Cell Chlorella 6,6%, Broccoli 3,5%, Kale Powder 3,5%, Green Kale 3,5%, Parsley 3,5%, Dandelion 3,3%, Broccoli Sprouts – 3 days old 2,8%, Kelp 2,2%, Dulse 2,2%


55,50 € / 300 g

you can order them via my webshop here or you can also:

Order directly >HERE< for only 48,- € (in English)

Zur Bestellung >HIER< für nur 48,- € (auf Deutsch)

Advanced Probiotic Blend (vegan)


This probiotic is a superior probiotic to be used on a dailly basis to restore your natural healthy flora and for use to make fermented nut cheeses alike. Next to the healthy probiotic strings, this product also contains important prebiotics that help in the growth of the probiotic bacteria. 


35,- € / bottle with 60 capsules

Order directly >HERE< (in English)

Zur Bestellung >HIER< (in Deutsch)

Recommended: ProViotic (vegan) 

!!grown on carrot juice!!


This is pure lactobacillus bulgaricus, the oldest ever used and researched bacteria to produce cheeses, originating from Bulgaria, a country with one of the longest history of fermented dairy products. However, this particular string is grown on carrot juice only, therefore completely vegan! A revolutionary probiotic that is proven to bring great health benefits to your intestine and also gives a mild pleasant taste to your fermented cultured vegan cream cheese or aged cheese products. 


35,- € / bottle with 30 capsules


Big Tree Farms Cacao Beans (raw)


These raw cacao beans are finest quality cacao beans from small farmers. Absolutely raw, already shelled, they are the purest superfood to eat plain, add to smooties, make chocolate shakes and warm cacao drinks, or crushed as nibs for the most natural chocolate chips to add to your favourite ice cream, sprinkle over fruit salat and granola, put into your favourite cookie recipe, make a delicious chocolate chip coconut butter spread and much more.

  5,95 € / 90g

Nibs (small crushed beans) 4,95 € / 120 g

Nibs (small crushed beans) 29,95 € / 1 kg


Big Tree Farms Cacao Powder (raw)


From the same Bali Cacao Beans, this powder is obtained by slowly pressing the cacao butter out of the cacao paste. The heat control of the hydraulic press assures that temperatures never raise over 42 degrees Celcius. This Cacao Powder is the perfect addition to your smoothies, for chocolate desserts, chocolate making and much more.


4,45 €/ 110g

29,95 €/ 1 kg

Big Tree Farms Cacao Butter (raw)


This amazing butter is pressed out of the raw bean with a hydraulic press applying a highly sensitive temperature control mecahnism to assure that temperatures never raise above 42 degrees Celcius.

This Cacao butter is unfiltered and therefore slightly brownish in color. It therefore contains the full nutrient content, nothing of the prescious oil of the bean is lost in this premium product.


5,95 € / 100g


Cashew Cacao Nib Cluster


The most delicious mix of raw cashews, raw cacao nibs, caramelized with coconut palm sugar. A delicious snack any time of the day, or a perfect topping for your morning smoothie bowl, ice creams or any other pudding, mousse, joghurts or desserts. 


5,95 € / 100g

39,95 €/ 1kg

Raw Handcracked Cashews


These highest quality cashews are very carefully processed in low temperatures and then handcracked each one of them. They taste way different than any other cashew you will find in regular health food stores. 

39,95 € / 1 kg

Coconut Palm Sugar


This low glycemic sweetener is much preferable to Agave, which I don't use anymore due to its acting like high fructose syrup in your blood stream! Coconut Palm Sugar is a whole sugar, no extract. It's not raw, but yet has a high content in minerals and nutrients and has a glycemic index comparable to yacon syrup. It's caramel like taste makes it a perfect sweetener for many desserts, chocolate concoctions and an interesting addition to many savory foods like salad dressings. 


7,95 € / 400 g

Coconut Palm Nectar


Like coconut palm sugar, this nectar is low in glycemic index and the perfect sweetener wherever you prefer liquid sweeteners as opposed to the cristalized version. The blonde nectar has a slightly less caramel taste and still notes of the coconut. A very delicate sweetener. 


7,95 € / 245 ml

Premium Nutmilk Bag


This is the best quality nutmilk bad I have ever worked with! Handmade completely in Berlin, it's local and sustainable. 

Make your own delicious nutmilks with this sturdy high quality sustainable linen fine mesh nutmilk bag. This bag has a really fine mesh, so that your nutmilks become ultra smooth and especially delicious.


19,95 €

Raw Cacao and Cashew Kernel from Goodmoodfood, Organic Certification
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Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixirs, Organic Certification
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