Bulgarian Mountains & Slow Food

29th July - 4th August 2019

Bulgaria is one of these countries, which is not typically on the list of your first 5 choices when it comes to thinking about holidays. But let me tell you, it should be Number One !


What can you expect in this week:

- Wild, pristine, untouched nature

- Long hikes to reconnect with yourself and nature

- Experiencing true slow food, visiting local producers of truly organic vegetables as well as natural wines

- Eating at one of the best vegan restaurants in Europe

- Managing long hikes on simple, powerful raw food supplies

- Meeting local Bulgarians and 


This trip is not about all or nothing, it's a combination of everything beautiful, this country has to offer. We will have long days of hiking in solitude, eating detoxing simple raw food like the freshest ripest fruits and vegetables in season, locally produced raw food bread, tahini, olives etc. and going to places of stunning natural beauty as well outside for your eyes as well as inside in yourself. We will prepare simple, yet delicious meals together, working with what we have. 


On other days, we will break up this journey and mingle into the local culture, visiting local vegetable farms, natural wine producers, small Bulgarian towns and meet locals, have slow food meals prepared by locals, eat at one of Europes best vegan restaurant in Sofia and meet with the owner, visit Roobar, becoming one of Europe's leading producers of healthy energy bars, chocolates, cookies and more. 


This trip is truly unique. You will learn about raw food, food culture, natural wines, Bulgarian culture and be immersed in one of the few remaining worlds centers of superior nature energy, comparably found in places like Machu Pichu in Peru, but without the masses of tourists. 


Price: 1449,- €

(including transfer, accomodation, trips and all the basic meals, excluding flight)

Early bird special: book before 28th of February 2019 and get 100,-€ discount


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Detailed Itinerary (from 2018 trip, the exact 2019 itinerary will be updated closer to the trip)


Day 1: Welcome in Sofia


16:00 - 18:00: Special Welcome Dinner at  in Restaurant Soul Kitchen in Sofia 

18:00 - 21:00:  Departure to our first location Hotel Dinchova Kashata in Melnik


Day 2: Natural Wine Tour in the Melnik Area


08:00: Breakfast 

10:00 - 16:00: Wine Tour and vegan snacks at Villa Melnik (https://villamelnik.com/?lang=en)

10:00 - 16:00: Wine Tour and vegan snacks at Orbelus (https://www.orbelus.bg/en/)

18:00 - 20:00: Historical walk through the city of Melnik and up to the most stunning viewpoints

to enjoy the sand hills in the magical sunset light.

20:30:  Dinner at Dinchova kashta Hotel presentation of vineyard Orbelia (https://www.orbeliawinery.bg/en/)


Day 3: Rozhen Monastery and Sand Pyramids


Visit Rozhen monastery and tour of sand pyramids of  Rozhen, Melnik and Karlanovo

08:00- Breakfast

09:00 - 10:00: Visit of Rozhen Monastery

10:00 - 16:00: Hiking the sand pyramids of Rozhen, Melnik and Karlanovo. Visit of cultural, historical and archeological natural sights. 

20:00:  Wine Tour and dinner at  Rupel vineyard (https://rupel-wine.com/homepage/)


Day 4: Hike to Zlatolist and descent to Plovdiv


We hike to Zlatolis, where we can find the church of Holy Georg and it's also the place of Bulgarian Clairvoyant and healer Prepodobna Stoina. The village has only 9 inhabitants and is a place of mystical energy and spirituality. 

From there we will continue our way to Plovdiv, where we will have a tour of the old town and the amphitheatre, a beautiful architecturally stunning town, which will furthermore host the traditional Kapana Festival that day. 

We will finish the day with a vegan dinner at a great local vegan restaurant. 


Day 5+6: Calming down and hiking: Raw Vega Cottage and the Rhodopi Mountains


From Plovdiv, we will transfer to the Rhodopi Mountains that day, where we will spend the last two nights at the Raw Vega Mountain cottage of Sofia. There we will be able to make simple and delicious raw food meals with what the season has to offer , meaning the freshest tomatoes and cucumbers at that time, grapes, pears, peaches and so much more. On the way to there, we will stop at the Zagreus winery, Bulgaria's top rated award winning vineyard, where we can sample and get some of their very special wines for our last cottage evenings. 

From the raw vega cottage we will do several hikes to the holy springs, the old inscriptions of Sitovo and the ancient ruins of Studa Grada, a place that has been compared to the powerful magic of Machu Pichu. 


Day 7 Transfer to Sofia and Farewell


After Breakfast and enjoying our last morning in the mountains, we will transfer back to Sofia where we can do an optional city tour and say goodbye. 


The Crew

Sofia Markov


Sofia was born and raised in Bulgaria. In her childhood, she was very inspired by the work of Petar Danow, who was reaching out to people to connect them more with the divine and God. For Sofia, this inspiration and his work ultimately brought about her mission and passion today: To help people reconnect to nature and themselves, and therefore to others and the whole world. 

Sofia knows Bulgarias most energetic and naturally most powerful places where she will bring us to get in touch with the true power of nature and our own inner self. The beauty of it: She does it with lots of fun and a lightness so don't expect a silent and sad tour, but an invigorating and powerful journey where there is room for all emotions. 

Boris Lauser


Boris is a passionate raw food chef as well as a passionate traveller. His 9 years+ experience in creating high end gourmet raw food have been appreciated in his private Berlin dinner club just as well as in resorts in Bali, Thailand or Austria, where he developed menus and trained staff. His Raw Chef Academy has been booked out ever since he opened up in 2014. Being a passionate traveller, Boris loves to explore local food traditions, local producers and just about anything around food in new countries. Boris will be your culinary guide throughout this trip, preparing with you some delicious raw food as well as introducing you to local foods and products including award winning natural wines and some of the best vegan and vegetarian food places Bulgaria has to offer.