Interview auf


Ich stehe Maria Frage und Antwort und gebe am Ende mein roh-veganes Dim Sum Rezept preis. 

Heilbronner Stimme

23.Juni 2105

Die Tageszeitung aus meiner Heimat hat zu meiner Buchpräsentation in meiner Geburtsstadt Bad Wimpfen im Juni 2015 einen schönen Artikel veröffentlicht.

Focus Online

Februar 2016


Interview auf Dagusta

Ausführliches Interview zu veganer Rohkost in Gastronomie und Hotellerie

Interview auf Vitalingo

Ausführliches Interview mit mir auf dem Onlineshop Vitalingo.

Interview mit Tom's Talk Time

In einem Audio Interview erzähle ich über mein Business, meine Erfolge und auch Herausforderungen während der vergangenen 6 Jahre. 

Raw Food Facts

Was kann der Foodtrend der Stars


Ein Kurz-Interview über Raw Food Facts und den gesunden Einstieg mit dem Grazia Online Magazin

Cracking the Oyster


Blog post about my bread and cheese course in Berlin with beautiful photos

Next Organic Expo

Berlin, May 2014


As ambassador for raw food, I was live on stage with a 4 course tasting menu and held a special tasting and info event for selected press. Watch a little video here.

Raw Culinaria

Funkhaus Europa / RBB


Ein Radiobeitrag des RBB zu meinem Dinner Club.

City Challenge von Douglas


Zusammenfassung eines Healthy Urban Lifestyle Wochenendes, in dessen Rahmen ich in Zusammenarbeit mit Biothèrme und Douglas einen Rohkost Kochabend mit 8 Teilnehmern durchgeführt und geleitet habe. 




Vegan food isn’t considered the funkiest diet by most of us. But vegan raw food? That brings up images of skinny extremists hugging trees and worrying about their karma all day. If that is what comes to your mind, you probably haven’t heard of Boris Lauser and his b.alive dinner club in Berlin.

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b.alive! in the New York Times Globespotters section

BERLIN | Organic, local edibles that are not only vegan but … raw? In the land of the greasy currywurst? Aber ja — but of course! Since March, Boris Lauser has been quietly spreading the raw-food word, serving gourmet uncooked meals out of his own apartment in a glassy new building where Kreuzberg meets Mitte. He’s also been gathering a following of curious Berliners looking to taste something new...more


Der Koch ohne Herd

Feb 2011

Als Kind aß er gläserweise Nutella, heute kommt nur noch vegane Rohkost auf den Tisch. Als Caterer, Kochkursleiter und Betreiber eines eigenen Dinner Clubs in Berlin will Boris Lauser beweisen, dass man auch ohne Backen, Braten oder Kochen Gourmetniveau erreichen kann. mehr...

Sugarhigh: Berlin's daily lifestyle journal

Things that are not good raw: chicken, emotion, skin, plutonium handling.

Things that are good raw: sex, silk, sushi, reality television.

We can now add another thing to the second list: raw food, done right.

If you’re someone for whom this category includes basically one thing (salad), get schooled at raw food chef Boris Lauser’s dinner parties, where he tickles the taste buds of novices and the raw-experienced alike with food that’s never been touched by even a hint of heat.


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My Diary of a Foodie

a beautiful blog post of a wonderful guest:


I went to a wonderfully amazing raw food dinner the other night, with guests….all unknown to me prior to the event. We all came from different parts of the world representing Australia, Germany, Whales, Vietnam, the USA (a New Yorker now living between Bali and Berlin), and well, there was me (my response as to where I am from changes depending on to whom I am speaking, or where I am at the time).

Our gracious host Boris Lauser, a raw food gourmet chef,  provided us with some of the best raw food dishes I have ever tasted. His possession of culinary artistry combined with the great intuition for flavour combination and presentation is remarkable. I was impressed throughout the evening and I could see, feel and taste the love and passion, authenticity and apparent ease with which our host created his composition.