the thousands of years old art of preserving food


Fermentation has played a substantial role in food preparation of almost every culture for thousands of years. It is one of the healthiest and most sustainable ways to preserve foods and even optimize the nutritional value and benefits of the foods that are fermented and hence preserved. 

In our only recent age of industrialized food, fermentation techniques experienced a downfall and were almost forgotten cause we thought we had superior methods, which proved to come with all side-effects that we are nowadays more and more aware of. 

In this course you will learn fundamental techniques of plant based raw fermentation, so you can start to make your own fermented drinks, cultured vegetables and plant based cheeses at home. 


Specifically , we will cover the following 



Water Kefir

Aged Nut Cheese Making

Plant Based Cream Cheese and Joghurts

Cultured Vegetables

Sauerkraut and Kimchee

Miso Tsukemono (traditional Japanese Pickling technique)


You will get all recipes to take home. 

During the course, you will get tasters of all the prepared things. 



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Course Fee:

249,- €

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