Having spent so much time in Asia, running big retreats and workshops and exploring the street and gourmet foods all over Southeast Asia, I gathered a lot of knowledge of this particular flavorful cuisine. 

In this course, I am teaching you all about the flavors and ingredient od Southeast Asian Cuisine and show you their applications in my most delicious raw recipes. Especially, we work a lot on flavor balancing and ingredient knowledge. 


Specifically, you will learn the following recipes:

  • Stuffed Betel Leaves: Thailands most favorite streetfood, with the secret coconut tamarind sauce
  • Rawshi: The raw riceless version of Sushi
    learn how to make a delicous rice that you can use as a base for countless other recipes and dishes
  • Phad Thai with Crunchy Ginger Almonds
    The traditional Thail Noodle dish reinvented with my secret sauce recipe (different from the one in my book!!).
    Zucchini and other veggies instead of rice noodles with a delicious almond based cream sauce , flavored with kaffir lime, ginger, sun dried tomatos and many other ingredients, to replace the heavy frying oils and sugars used in the traditional version.
  • Crunchy Ginger Almonds
    This crunchy delight is great as a snack, replaces the peanuts in my phad thai and are just amazing on pretty much any salad.
  • Thom Kha Soup: A delicious Thai Coconut Soup, very easy to create in your blender with just a few simple ingredients.
  • Chinese Style dumplings with Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce
    These are the favorite at any dinner I have served them. Learn how to make a delicious, light paté, which is still hearty and resembles the meat consistency of traditional dumplings, and tastes soooo much better ;-) A Chinese Style thick spicy and sour dipping sauce gives these dumplings the final kick.



All recipes will be presented during the class and you may have hands on training on certain parts.
Take home a workshop booklet with all the things you learned during the course of these two afternoons so you can get a head start right away.



Next dates: tbd

Time: 11:00 - 18:00

Course Fee

219,- € 


Sign up: Email me at or call +49 176 8922 9242.