Having spent 7 years in Italy, learning so much about traditional Italian cooking, pure ingredients and enjoying food at its maximum, this class is my absolute favorite :-)


In this course , you will learn how

  • cashews and coconut oil can turn into a mozzarella
  • eggplants can be tenderized and turned into a raw delicacy
  • how to replace unhealthy wheat and sugar biscuits and mascarpone cheese and still make something that looks and tastes even better than tiramisu :-)


Together, we will prepare a true Italian fiest, with these delicious gourmet dishes:

  • Tomato and Mozzarella
  • Eggplant Kohlrabi and Beetroot Rawvioli with cashew cheese filling and pistacchio mint pesto
  • Sprouted Quinoa Pizza
  • Sicilian Caponata: Dehydrated version of a Sicilian classic
  • Shaved fennel and orange salad with walnuts and black olives
  • Tiramisu


All recipes will be presented during the class and you can even have hands on training on certain parts.
Take home a workshop booklet with all the things you learned during the course of these two afternoons so you can get a head start right away.



Next dates: tbd

Time: 11:00 - 18:00

Course Fee

219,- €



Sign up: Email me at hallo@borislauser.com or call +49 176 8922 9242.