The 101 of Raw Food

Eating healthy and delicious food on a daily basis is much easier than it might occur to most people.


In this course I will teach you the basics of raw food and everything you need to know to start making a variety of delicous yet simple gourmet raw food dishes for yourself and your friends and family.

Furthermore, you will learn basic knife skills and how to use the most importants tools in raw food preparation, like a high speed blender, a food processor, spiralizer, dehydrator and more.

In this comprehensive weekend course, learn how to make:

  • Introduction into Raw Food and all the tools and techniques that are used in contemporary raw food preparation
  • Green Smoothies: practice and theory of the most nutritious blend
  • Delicious smoothies and nutritious nutmilks, including the use of superfoods to power you through the day
  • Raw granola, the best energy breakfast ever
  • Chia Pudding: Omega - 3 power in a delicious maca root porridge
  • Fermentation: How to make your own dairy free yoghurt in no time
  • Raw lasagne, that hardly makes you want the "real" one ever again
  • Zucchini spaghetti with "bolognese" sauce
  • Creamy and warming raw soups
  • Raw crackers and breads
  • Hearty patés and spreads to accompany breads and crackers:
    Bell Pepper Sesame Hummus 
  • The concept of healthy and nutritious salads: How to make a salad a complete meal including seeds, probiotic and cultured foods, seaweeds and nutritious tasty dressings like sauerkraut hemp dressing or maca mayo herb dressing or balsamico infused figs
  • The most decadent, yet light nut milk based chocolate mousse and fruit coulis


All recipes will be presented during the class and you can even have hands on training on certain parts.
Take home a workshop booklet with all the things you learned during the course of these two afternoons so you can get a head start right away.

The course will cover two full afternoons, from 1pm - 9pm on Saturday and 10am -4pm on Sunday.


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