The Secrets of Irish Moss

Irish Moss is a seaweed, highly nutritious and the secret ingredient in many gourmet raw food dishes.


In this course you will learn:


  • How to make Irish Moss Paste, the base for making many recipes
  • How to make a Mousse consistency, that is fluffy and airy, just like a true traditional mousse au chocolat. With this technique you can make sweet and savory mousses that truly impress your guests
  • How to make nut and seed cheese patés that have a consistency that can be cut easily and shaped into beautiful cheese paté rolls
  • How to make almond ricotta
  • How to make the perfect ice cream


All recipes will be presented during the class and you can even have hands on training on certain parts.
Take home a workshop booklet with all the things you learned during the course of these two afternoons so you can get a head start right away.



Next dates: to be dated

Time: 11:00 - 18:00

Where: My Studio Loft, Dresdener Strasse 114, Berlin

Course Fee

189,- €

Special Deals:

Sign up early (up to 2 weeks before the course) and save 10 €!

Bring a friend and save another 10 € each!!


Sign up: Email me at or call +49 176 8922 9242.